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Moniquea Renee, better known by her nickname Nicci, is a womenswear designer residing in Raleigh, NC USA. 


After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and transitioning from a college student to a corporate employee, Nicci found it difficult to find clothes that matched her personal sense of style: feminine, modern, and professional.


She decided to pursue her passion and started designing and crafting her own clothes. In December 2013, the Moniquea Renee brand was born. She launched her first collection "Secret Obsession" in November 2014, and currently produces up to 3 collections per year.



MONIQUEA RENEE specializes in designing and handcrafting garments, that complement a woman's beauty & showcases their personal style, and individuality. The Moniquea Renee brand symbolizes sophistication, elegance, and ingenuity; Our designs are a true reflection of today's modern woman.


We offer custom services to accommodate any size, from petite to curvy! Refresh your wardrobe with exclusive, handcrafted items from any of our beautiful collections.


Keep up with everything Moniquea Renee by following us on social media, and subscribe to our mailing list for the latest information! 



moniquea renee

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